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خلاصة القاعدة البغدادية  Khalaasat Al Qaeedat Al Baghdadiyah (for Part 5 of Teach Your Child to Read Arabic)

Arabic Alphabet Flashcards

Arabic Alphabet Flashcards Large

New Arabic flashcards

Arabic Flipbook

Arabic Sight Words: Most Frequently Occurring Nouns and Prepositions in the Qurán 1

Arabic Sight Words: Most Frequently Occurring Nouns and Prepositions in Qurán 1 for Mac users

Arabic Sight Words: Most Frequently Occurring Verbs in the Qurán

Kitaab Al Asassi

Level 1

Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Arabic Program for Non Native Speakers

Level 1

Writing 1

Reading 1

Expression 1

Lessons from the Qurán 1

Level 2

Writing 2

Reading 2

Handwriting 2

Expression 2

Grammar 2

Hadeeth 2

Morphology 2

Quran 2

Level 3

Writing 3

Reading 3

Handwriting 3

Expression 3

Grammer 3

Hadeeth 3

Morphology 3

Quran 3

Fiqh 3

Tawheed 3

Level 4 (coming soon)


Continents of the World Flashcards

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Countries of Africa Flashcards

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Christopher Columbus Maze easy

Christopher Columbus Maze 

50 States Flashcards

History (coming soon!)



Ramadan banner

Hijri Calendar Template 

Prayer Calendar Template with Moons   **NEW**

Names of Allah Flashcards-set 1

Allah worksheet

Ar Rahman, Ar-Raheem worksheets

Al Malik Worksheets

Al Qudoos Worksheets

As Salaam Worksheets

Al Mu’min Worksheets

Al Muhaymin Worksheets

Al Azeez


Languages (coming soon!)


Addition Flashcards

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Quran Tracker



English Alphabet Flash Cards


2 x 2 grid checkers memory game

3 x 3 grid checkers memory game

4 x 4 grid checkers memory game

4 x 4 grid checkers memory game with colors